Why Does Recruitment Attract the Best?

Career Opportunity
Unlike a number of career paths recruitment consultancy genuinely offers the opportunity for accelerated career progression. It is a meritocratic profession with the best performers being promoted through the career structure. Many recruitment businesses offer “fast-track” management schemes. It is not unusual for the directors and board members of a recruitment business to have started their careers as trainee recruitment consultants with the organisation a decade or so before.

Financial Rewards
Recruitment is a sales based role and a significant proportion of your income will be from commission and bonuses on top of your basic salary. Once you are competent, having completed your initial training and started making placements you can look forward to impressive monthly or quarterly commissions. It is realistic to be doubling your salary by the end of your first year and seeing it increase from there. There are many recruitment consultants earning six figures. Recruitment businesses offer different commission schemes. Some are based purely on the performance of the individual. Others include a team based element.

Recruitment businesses rightly have a reputation for being lively and fun places to work. They tend to have a strong team ethic and you are likely to find yourself working and socialising within a like-minded peer group. Many of our clients offer generous incentive schemes with prizes including “achievers lunches” at Michelin-starred restaurants, weekends away, car schemes, luxury watches and holidays.

International Opportunities
If you are interested in working internationally for some of your career then Recruitment Consultancy is an ideal choice. It is a truly global business and once you have 2 or 3 years experience as a competent Recruitment Consultant you have the opportunity to apply for international roles. If you are working for a global recruitment group then you may be able to transfer. Alternatively, you will have the opportunity to apply for roles with other
organisations in your target location. Current popular destinations for UK recruiters include Australia, Far East, Middle East, US, Brazil, Canada and Russia.

Autonomy, Responsibility and Job Satisfaction
When you start your career in Recruitment you will receive plenty of training and close supervision. Once you are up and running you will experience a real sense of job satisfaction that comes from managing your own workload. In many ways it becomes like running your own business. You are responsible for becoming an expert in your own market and developing a great reputation with your clients and candidates. Once you’ve done this you become a trusted partner, acting as a true consultant by providing advice and guidance. And after all, the end result is that you are placing people in excellent jobs, and solving business problems for your clients. It is a valued service.

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