What to expect from your first recruitment job

First month: like any good employer, recruitment consultancies supply full training to get the best out of new employees. The first week will include induction and training on all aspects of the job: the recruitment process, sales, market sector and technical skills. You will then start resourcing for the senior consultant in your team. This involves finding suitable candidates, calling them, ‘selling’ opportunities, and preparing CVs for submission to clients.

First quarter: during months two and three you will be eased from a training situation into a fully functional production situation. Some companies keep new graduates in a resourcing role for the first quarter; others have ‘junior’ recruitment consultants, responsible for one or two developed accounts and for increasing new business. Financial targets are kept low for the first few months.

First year: you’re off! You will be talking to new clients, making placements, and finding out more about your market. With more market knowledge you will get more respect from both candidates and clients. Don’t worry if clients tell you to go away in the beginning: they will be begging for your services once word gets round how good you are! You should be getting regular reviews, more training and mentoring from senior consultants. Challenging targets will be set, with financial rewards, so your earnings will start to increase significantly at around six months.

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